How to maintain natural stone tiles, flooring & paving.

Natural stone is commonly used in most rooms of the house; bathrooms, kitchens and living areas; both surfaces and flooring.

Natural stone is versatile and with the right care, will look as good as new for years! However over time, they can lose their sparkle and this can happen sooner rather than later if not properly maintained. 

With a little TLC your stone tiles will always appear good as new!

Here are some dos and don’ts to maintain your natural stone tiles:


  • Always use a coaster on table’s and stone surfaces – particularly for glasses containing citrus or alcohol, which contain acids where spills will affect the stones surface.
  • Clean up spills as soon as possible – natural stone tiles are porous and spills should not be left to sit, a clean cloth and water will usually suffice.
  • Maintain a proper maintenance program to ensure your tiles last a lifetime, such as having professional tile cleaners such as Master Tilers give your tiles a thorough and professional clean.
  • Natural stone countertops should be resealed regularly to prevent them staining.
  • Dust and vacuum regularly. Dirt acts as sandpaper on natural stone and wears away at the sealant, dulling the tiles shine.


  • Cleaners containing acid or ammonia can dull and damage the glazed surface of the tile and grout.
  • Leave spills to stain. They should be cleaned instantaneously.
  • Place hot pans on natural stone surfaces.

Natural stone tiles can last a lifetime if well looked after!

Regardless, even if regularly and properly maintained, natural stone tiles will need to be re-sealed eventually.

When your tiles show signs of dullness or wear, you should contact an expert such as Master Tilers who are experts in tile refurbishment and maintenance, and will have them looking as good as new in no time at all.

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